• Real Estate Finance

We have vast experience in all aspects of real estate finance providing analysis related to the use and acquisition of funds as well as services in pricing real properties based on their risk level and their expected rate of return.

  • Project Management

Our practice includes planning, organizing and controlling real estate acquisition and development, including throughout zoning, design and construction. Our services contribute for meeting all objectives of the respective project owners.
  • Property Management

We offer services for operation, control, and oversight of real properties in their acquisition, utilization and disposition. Our services include managing the budgets of the real properties as well as participating in all aspects of landlord/tenant relations.

  • Real Estate Transactions

We have great experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, including: acquisition of real estates, portfolio sales, management of real estate investment funds, sales and leasebacks, developments, as well as project and property management.

  • Legal Services

Our parent company - Todorov and Partners Law Firm, provides all necessary legal services related to real estate.

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